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MARCH 26-28, 2020

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Cippe2015 Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition is worth anticipating

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As a 14-year-old heritage brand exhibition, China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe) has now become the world's largest petroleum exhibition as the annual World Petroleum Equipment Assembly. Cippe roots in the petroleum and petrochemical industry 14 years, and always focus on the world's petroleum and petrochemical field equipment, technology and business buyers market ,to build a precise platform for China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment exports, an efficient business platform to promote the integration of the global petroleum and petrochemical industries development as the goal. Cippe and many outstanding enterprises witnessed the growth of each other. Cippe2014 Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition is nearing the end, let us look forward to more excellent cippe 2015!

Further expansion of shale gas exhibition area.

With the two rounds of shale gas bidding, Shale gas’s boom development has swept the country, promoted a large number of companies began to join the ranks of the development of shale gas. Cippe Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition will further expand shale gas area in 2015, for the relevant corporate display technology, exchange of experience

The deep blue of Marine Tech area.

The focus of petroleum exploration has changed from the land to the ocean, from the shallow to the deep seaThe "Blue Fleet" of cippe Zhenwei International Petroleum Exhibition on is growing. the proportion of marine exhibitors increased rapidly. Cippe 2015 will further focus on marine-related business area and equipment to build Petroleum Exhibition "Blue Fleet"!

The significant increase of the international purchasing group.

Cippe focus on inviting purchasing group over 8 years, traveling throughout the Middle East, the Americas, North Africa, Southeast Asia and other oil-rich region in the world. With the brand promotion of Cippe,the exhibiton attracted a large number of quality international buyers to visit China for procurement. 2015, cippe organizing committee will focus on the organization more overseas purchasing groups, fundamentally enhance the quality of the show.

The 14th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe2014) is under the complete curtain call with the support of the exhibitors and visitors. And as Asia's largest petroleum exhibition, the sixth China (Shanghai) International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition is homeopathic sailed,.

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