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Aotai:The largest beveling machine and reductor manufacture base of china

Pubdate:2014-07-28 11:58 Source:Zhenwei Group Click:

Zhejiang Aotai Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional factory with specializing in research & development, and manufacturing of speed reducers, which also is provincial New- & Hi- Tech Corporation, and China Reducer Association membership.

Aotai holds customer focus principal over the years. Now Aotai have specialized in manufacturing all kinds of universal or special transmission. Such as R series helical gear and Hard Tooth Surface Reducer, S series helical wheel and worm-gear speed reducer, F series paralleled axes and Hard Tooth Surface Reducer, K series curve-tooth bevel gear and Hard Tooth Surface Reducer, H series paralleled axes and high-power reducer, B series orthogonal axes and high-power reducer, FB series orthogonal axes and high-power with assistant transmission reducer. The products widely applied to fields of iron and steel industry, coal mine, petrochemical industry, construction, light industry, environmental protection, transportation, ceramics, pharmacy, logistics, metal-cutting and others. The products are famous at home and abroad for its high quality and fame-brand, which is the best choice for integrating machinery with electricity in the modern transmission system.