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MARCH 26-28, 2020

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Mordern Na, the Oil-Drilling Instruments and Equipment Provider, Joined in cippe2020

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Beijing Mordern Na Science & Technology Co. Ltd was founded in May 2009. The registered address was at Beijing Shijing Shan District Jinding science and technology Park. As a high-tech private enterprise, Mordern Na specialized in providing the R&D, design, manufacturing and sales services for oil-drilling instruments and equipment.

The company has 80 employees,The research and development team is formed by a number of people who have long been engaged in the field of aerospace and petroleum equipment with rich experience and teamwork spirit, and have extremely strong innovation ability.

The main products are now MDN-48KZ,MDN-48GW, MDN-42GW three series of wireless MWD,and supporting MDN-48GM, MDN-42GM natural gamma system, and the mud power generation system for the MWD. In these products, we have adopted more than a dozen patent technologies invented by the company, compared with the domestic and international similar products has the characteristics of high

precision, high shock resistance, high stability, good compatibility.

The Company has a variety of processing equipment more than 30 units, The backbone of the production technology is rich in experience, excellent technology and strong sense of responsibility, the company has the annual production and assembling capacity of 500 sets of various precision instruments of MWD.

We can supply the customers with high quality, high standard, high interchangeability and Superior accessories. We specializes in maintenance of various MWD.

The company's products have been widely used in most oil fields, Especially is widely used in Shan Gan Ning Meng areas, Completed the tens of thousands of directional wells, horizontal wells,by the vast number of users praise and acclaim.

We look forward to seeing you and welcome to visit our stand (Booth Number: W2118) during cippe2020 petroleum exhibition held at Beijing New China International Exhibition Center on 26-28 March 2020 .